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British Sports Therapy (Soft Tissue Relase Techniques),  Muscle Release Technique (Repetitive Use InjuryTherapy), CranioSacrel, Reiki                                                

 Additional Training:       

Reflexology, Aspen Equine Studies, Infant Massage, Healing Energy and Touch, Young Living Essential Oils,  Center of Aroma Therapy Research and Education, Raindrop Technique, Healing Oils of the Bible, Vita Flex Oil Application. 


I care about people and enjoy taking classes that teach techgniques for chronic and repetive use injuries. When your muscles are not all tensed up, its easier to have peace, balance and harmony in your life.

.How I Became a Massage Therapist:

Raised on a farm, attended beauty school, got married and raised 2 wonderful children, I spent several years of factory work, during this time I had my share of muscle pain. The continual pain in my back forced me to take time off work and kept me from doing even the simplest things. I was put on muscle relaxants which made me drowsy. This made it difficutlt to think clearly and only masked the pain. Then one day some one told me to try  a massage. After the first massage, I noticed I felt different, so I continued to get massages over the next year. Eventually, I noticed I was able to do the things that I use to do. This was such an eye opener for me that I knew in my heart I would like to do massage for others.              

 Massage has alowed me to live my life, such as horseback riding, camping, and every day activities.     

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